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June 22, 2018 / Tilman Lüdke

Uncertainty abounds ahead of Turkey’s election. Will a floundering economy spell the end for President Tayyip Erdoğan? After an a series of steps towards liberalization between 2002 and 2012, Turkey’s AKP government showed its teeth in 2013: It announced plans to build a shopping mall on Gezi Park – one of the last green parts […]

SJP by Sarah Jessica Parker Skyler au0TKjXa

June 20, 2018 / Claire Elder

This month’s African Union Summit is poised to probe widespread corruption but a closer look at East Africa also reveals other pressing issues, not least rising political uncertainty, economic instability and violence. With the 31st African Union Summit around the corner, the African Development Bank recently underscored its support for East Africa’s bid for industrialization. […]

Sperry Crest Vibe Creeper Linen nZCx9

June 13, 2018 / Robert Schwarz

For the first time since the end of the Cold War, an autocracy hosts the World Cup. Reason enough for us to uphold values such as inclusion, participation and fair play not only on the pitch but also in society as a whole. Because football and democracy have much more in common than it seems […]


June 09, 2018 / Daniel Kapellmann

Ahead of the Mexican election in July, a leftwing populist is the clear frontrunner amid exasperation with political corruption and snail-paced social reform. The Mexican presidential race was probably over the minute it began. Recent polls consistently put leftist populist Andrés Manuel López Obrador ahead, with a lead of at least 10 points versus the […]


May 14, 2018 / Sandra Weiss

South American countries are far too busy with their scandals and crises to be making progress with economic and political integration. And yet those crises could be exactly what gives Mercosur its second wind. The news coming out of Brazil recently is reminiscent of a political thriller. A president deposed under questionable circumstances (Dilma Rousseff) […]


May 08, 2018 / Dr Scholls Work Rain mZ5s1

So he really did it. On May 8, US President Donald Trump decided that the economic sanctions against Iran suspended under the multilateral nuclear agreement should be resumed and even tightened and unilaterally terminated the agreement. Europeans should try to save the deal – and someone should explain to Trump the diplomatic ABC of the […]


April 25, 2018 / Manuela Andreoni

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Liberale da Verona 'Dido’s Suicide', about 1500 Oil on poplar, 42.5 x 123.2 cmNG1336

Liberale da Verona 'Dido’s Suicide', about 1500
Enlarge and zoom in

This painting, probably made to be set into a piece of domestic furniture, depicts one of the most tragic stories of deserted love. Such paintings were often commissioned around the time of marriage. Although they were not aimed exclusively at women, they often – like this painting – told stories of virtuous females, who sacrificed themselves for the sake of their family and their ‘patria’.

Liberale’s painting is based on Book 4 of Virgil’s ‘Aeneid’, which tells of the hopeless love of the widowed Dido, Queen of Carthage for the wandering Trojan prince Aeneas – hopeless because Jupiter, king of the gods, had decreed that Aeneas’s destiny lay in Italy, with the foundation of Rome as a ‘new Troy’. Virgil’s Latin epic (left unfinished at the poet’s death in 19 BC) provided an imaginative prehistory for what was, by his day, the very long-standing enmity between the peoples of North Africa and the Roman Empire. Like Ovid’s ‘Metamorphoses’, Virgil’s great poem was well known to 15th-century Italians, and indeed it remains part of the common European cultural heritage today.

The tragedy of Dido

Here, Dido plunges a dagger into her chest as she stands on a funeral pyre. The pyre is topped with a hexagonal piece of furniture, perhaps the bed (albeit a strangely shaped one) in which Dido had intended to celebrate the marriage she believed she had contracted with Aeneas. But he had departed for his ship, and was preparing to cross the Mediterranean to his new promised land. Dido’s regal dignity is palpable; so is her deep distress and anger, conveyed by her positioning of Aeneas’s helm and armour – symbols of arms and of the man, to paraphrase the opening of Virgil’s poem – at her feet. Flames lap around the platform on which they are placed, ready to consume Aeneas’s possessions and the body of the queen he had abandoned.

The architectural setting makes this private tragedy into a public event. Spectators, probably the members of her court, crowd the arcades and balconies of the portico and palaces around Dido’s pyre, and spill out into the street. The artist has used the architecture to divide the painting into three approximately equal sections: Dido herself; the watching bystanders; and the landscape at the far ends of the panel. In the countryside at the right, military exercises are taking place. Presumably this is a proleptic reference to Aeneas’s future military adventures in Italy. The seascape at the left-hand side of the panel probably alludes to his voyages across the Mediterranean: to Dido’s court at Carthage, and then westwards towards Latium. Mamp;F Western Juno B8dJvgoHTF
paintings such as this often play havoc with time, linking narrative episodes which may have happened years apart, and Liberale’s panel is no exception.

Figure 1

Bone marrow–derived cells are sufficient to induce SPEM with . () Representative HE images ( = 6) for each group as indicated with and without bone marrow transplant (BMT) (from [] mice) with and without infection (). UI, uninfected. Scale bars: 50 μm. () Flow analysis of SLFN4-tdT or CD11b cells versus side scatter (SSC). The percentage of SLFN4 or CD11b cells per mouse is shown in the representative histograms and plotted in the adjacent scatter graphs for = 6 mice per group over 3 experiments. Horizontal lines represent the median and interquartile range. Significance was determined using Kruskal-Wallis ANOVA with Dunn’s test of multiple comparisons. * < 0.05.

SHH accelerates H. felis–induced gastric metaplasia. Although these results collectively indicated that HH signaling was necessary for SPEM development, the phenotype required several months to develop. To accelerate the timeline, we infected transgenic mice expressing the pCMV-Shh transgene ( 16 ) with H. felis over 6 months and compared them with infected nontransgenic mice. Serum SHH levels in uninfected pCMV - Shh transgenic mice were 4 times the levels observed in WT mice ( Spring Step Fantasic BdKZNLAous
). In addition, there were more immune cells observed in the pCMV-Shh transgenic mice in the absence of Helicobacter infection compared with WT mice ( Supplemental Figure 2 ). With Helicobacter infection, there was a rapid increase in the blood levels of SHH, which peaked within days after the infection and then returned to baseline levels after 1 month ( Figure 2A ). The result was consistent with a prior report indicating that H. pylori infection increases circulating levels of SHH, which originates from gastric parietal cells ( 2750 Gingham Sneakers MTMiC9n
). H. felis –infected pCMV-Shh mice exhibited greater inflammation in the gastric corpus at 2 months, and subsequently SPEM was observed at 4 months, which was 2 months earlier than observed in WT littermates ( Cole Haan Pinch Grand Penny Loafer PGqP3ohU
). The amount of polymorphonuclear (PMN) leukocytes infiltrating the mucosa and the extent of SPEM, as quantified by morphometry, were greater in the SHH-overexpressing mice ( Figure 2, C and D ). SPEM development in pCMV-Shh mice was also documented by de novo expression of clusterin, as well as coexpression of GSII lectin and GIF at the oxyntic gland base, with atrophy of H + -K + -ATPase–positive parietal cells ( JBU Dune Encore L1S51
). Real-time quantitative PCR (RT-qPCR) analysis for H + -K + -ATPase α subunit ( Atp4a ), Gif , mucous neck cell and SPEM cell marker trefoil factor 2 ( Tff2 ), and clusterin mRNAs were used to quantify the extent of the metaplastic epithelial response ( Mizuno Wave Shadow SpeMm
). Unlike the corpus, the antrum exhibited no phenotypic changes ( Supplemental Figure 4 ).

Room, board, tuition and other required fees at Drexel University cost ECCO Intrinsic Elastic Slip TWnWS13w
, which ranks eighth highest in fees this school year on's annual list of the most expensive colleges. The Edmund D. Bossone Research Enterprise Center at Drexel University in Philadelphia is seen in this image.

Credit: Wiki Takes Philadelphia (<a href="" target="_blank">image</a>), Jason Henry McCormick/CBS (copy)

The University of Chicago, a private research university in Hyde Park, carries a total cost -- room, board, tuition and other required fees -- of ECCO Touch Strap Plateau IN4uLtnGj
, according to The photo shows Rosenwald Hall.

Credit: Cszmurlo (<a href="" target="_blank">image</a>), Jason Henry McCormick/CBS (copy)

With a total cost of Under Armour UA Charged Bandit 4 cpRPxHA
, Bard College ranks 10th this school year on's annual list of the most expensive colleges. The private liberal arts college is in Annandale-on-Hudson, N.Y.

Credit: Daderot (<a href="" target="_blank">image</a>), Jason Henry McCormick/CBS (copy)

Trinity College in Hartford, Conn., charges $57,530 for room, board, tuition and required fees. The private liberal arts school ranks 11th this school year on's annual list of the most expensive colleges.

Credit: Jtvoyager/Wikipedia (<a href="" target="_blank">image</a>), Jason Henry McCormick/CBS (copy)

Room, board, tuition and other required fees at Eugene Lang College The New School for Liberal Arts, a seminar-style college in New York, cost Mephisto Caterine YHYgBEgsb
, according to The school, which has a "student-directed curriculum," in 2011 had 1,500 enrolled students.

Credit: Andywata/Wikipedia (<a href="" target="_blank">image</a>), Jason Henry McCormick/CBS (copy)

Johns Hopkins University, which consistently ranks as one of America's most funded research universities, has a total cost for room, board, tuition and other required fees of $57,320 . ranks the Baltimore-based private school as the 13th most expensive college. The image at left shows the Homewood House, the oldest building on campus. Below is the Lower (Engineering) Quad.

Credit: Ottawa80/Wikipedia (<a href="" target="_blank">image</a>), Ottawa80/Wikipedia (<a href="" target="_blank">image</a>), Jason Henry McCormick/CBS (copy)

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