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Wednesday, Jun 27, 2018
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Actor Shikha Talsania talks about playing a young mom onscreen, working with Kareena Kapoor Khan and the much talked about masturbation scene in Veere Di Wedding.

Monika Rawal Kukreja
Actor Shikha Talsania is the daughter of character actor Tiku Talsania, who is known for doing comic roles.

Actor Shikha Talsania, who got rave reviews for her performance in the recently released film, Veere Di Wedding, says that she always knew that this film is for her. Having played a young mother who is married to a white man, Shikha feels happy to have portrayed a character that defies the set societal norms. In a candid chat, Shikha talks about playing a young mom onscreen, working with Kareena Kapoor Khan and the much talked about masturbation scene in the film.

It’s been almost a month since the film released and it is still being talked about. How does it feel?

I’ve been with this film for such a long time and finally, to see the product out there, getting so much love… there’s overwhelming joy and excitement. I found the script ground breaking and I knew it would connect with people because it’s about real women with story set in the reality of today.

#bts What do you do when your Veere is getting hitched? Take a selfie ofcourse!!! #veere4life #veerdiwedding @vdwthefilm

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Swara Bhasker’s masturbation scene did not go down well with some people. Your views?

Honestly, I know how parents are reacting to it, as if they’ve never done it or been through that age (laughs) . VDW is a slice of life film and this masturbation scene was also a part of that. I understand it has to be done in the privacy of your bedroom and she [Swara’s character] was masturbating in the privacy of her bedroom. So, why this fuss! This slice of life film dwells into different aspects to women and what’s happening in their lives, so people will react to it in different ways. Those who appreciate it, it’s great. And those who found inspiration from it to talk further, it’s even better. If people are upset about it, that’s their problem, everyone has the right to give an opinion. When I read about the scene, I felt it was absolutely fantastic and quirky.

With so many disagreements on how to address the problem, the end agreement gave a little for everyone to be happy, but with little idea of how it will actually be implemented. At the core of this new approach is the establishment of “processing centers” , both inside the EU for migrants who have already arrived, but more important outside the bloc to prevent migrants from making the journey at all. Part of this may include requiring any potential asylum seekers to make their claims at these centers and deny them the ability to apply on EU soil, a dramatic change in general asylum policy.

This proposal mirrors Australia’s policy of offshore processing , a model many in the EU have been critical of in the past and remains highly controversial. In a recent review of human rights in Australia by the UN Human Rights Committee, the government’s treatment of refugees and asylum seekers in its offshore detention program featured prominently as an example of Zamberlan Trail Lite EVO GTX I5ymqgaVXN
under the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. But far-right and nativist groups throughout Europe have advocated for the EU to follow Australia’s example as the only possible way forward.

The current focus of potential offshore processing centers is North Africa, where countries like Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Niger and Egypt would establish and maintain the centers in exchange for increased money and aid. Alternatively, non-EU states in the Balkans such as Albania, Montenegro and Bosnia have been floated as a possibility in the hopes of shutting down the “new” Balkan route from Greece.

But it doesn’t look like the EU consulted with any of these countries before announcing their plans. For their part, Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia have already rejected the idea of EU processing centers within its borders. Moroccan Foreign Minister Nasser Bourita called the proposals unhelpful and counterproductive following a meeting with his Spanish counterpart last week. If that position holds, it could kill the entire idea of North African centers as it would do little to intercept migrants on Western Mediterranean route.

Likewise, Albania, Montenegro and Bosnia have all rejected – in very strong terms – the idea they would host such centers or camps. That categorical rejection is a little surprising given that Albania and Montenegro are potential candidates for EU accession. But all three countries have been clear that such camps are unacceptable. Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama Gianni Bini Itzel Velvet Strappy Pumps 81FfELzAS
as “dumping desperate people somewhere like toxic waste that no one wants.”

But the agreement reached is looking to be Trask Allison Ke74l
when it comes to implementation. However the agreement is still concerning as it marks a growing departure from a platform of human rights and treating migrants with the dignity.

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