Kenneth Cole Reaction Rain Down Tassel Mule Flat YHVb3BgP

Kenneth Cole Reaction Rain Down Tassel Mule Flat YHVb3BgP
Kenneth Cole Reaction Rain Down Tassel Mule Flat
Studio Album, 1995 3.99 | 367 ratings BUY

Review by Progfan97402

Although I've been aware of Anekdoten since 1996, I only bothered buying any of their stuff recently. I was able to acquire original CD copies of Vemod and Nucleus for cheap, which helped me. I can understand why it took me this long to bother buying anything from them. They're simply overrated. They're not bad, but let me explain. Most detractors will accuse these albums as being nothing more than Red-era King Crimson ripoffs. That's not what bother me, but when I listen to this, it sounds more like '90s alternative rock that happens to used quite a lot of Mellotron. That grungy guitar from Niklas Berg could easily come from any given hard-edge alternative rock album of the '90s as would be King Crimson. Anekdoten is often referred to as a retro prog band, but to my ears it sounds clearly from the 1990s. Änglagård is much more retro, even though there's some traits yout can tell that it originated in the 1990s (despite the complete lack of digital keyboards). Regardless, I can see why Anekdoten appeals to many, because you can't deny the intensity of these songs. Nucleus is their second album, released in December 1995, and it sounds like a continuation of its predecessor, although perhaps a heavier approach. Anna Sofi Dahlberg gives some nice mournful cello work, and Niklas Berg is nothing short of a tron fanatic, so there's really no need in saying that on any given Anekdoten release you get treated with plenty of Mellotron. Honestly I'm really torn about this, I guess I need to be in the mood. I really can give it a three and a half star rating. I really feel that being blown away by Änglagård that I was perhaps expecting a bit more with Anekdoten. But even if it's not entirely my thing, I can still recommend Nucleus for those who like their style.

social review comments | Review Permalink Posted Saturday, January 21, 2017 | Review this album | Frye Riley Slide rNhccv8zkH
(Review #1683158)

Studio Album, 2015 4.13 | 584 ratings BUY

Review by Prog Leviathan Prog Reviewer

Prog Leviathan
Anekdoten returns after a long absence to gift us with , another rock solid entry into the 'heavy prog' sub-genre, and heavy it is, abounding with massive bass and guitar riffing, and pounding, tension-filled songs. However, it's also filled with beauty and nuance through artfully arranged songs and many- layered sounds of mellotron and organ.

"Shooting Star" wastes no time in showing us why Anekdoten remains one of the more powerful, creative, and heavy sounding bands around - even after 8 years of hiatus. The two guitarists lay down an amazing amount of sound, crushing the listener during the song's numerous fortissimo moments while also showing their restraint during other moments. The use of negative space and ambiance has always been a strong suit for the band, and here it's juxtaposed to the massive riffing - and not to mention unexpectedly aggressive soloing from Barker - very well indeed. It's an optimistic song that takes you to places dark and bright in 10 jam-packed minutes of thick, heavy, wonderful music; off to a great start, though things get much darker thematically from here on out.

"Get Out Alive" sadly takes a while to get going, weighed down by vocals that plod along until electrified by a terrific instrumental break that concludes with a sense of strong sense of drifting melancholy. A busy song, even though slow tempo, and probably the weakest on the album.

The wonderful "If It All Comes Down to You" shows the band's ability to craft very likable and approachable music using a blend of sensitively incorporated mellotron, vibes, and guitar tones. It's about as pop-friendly song that the band has ever produced, though its complex instrumentation and prog-feel probably won't convince people who aren't use to listening to music this dense. Still, its a great moment of lightness in the mix, even though it's basically a break-up song, and the contributions by Theo Travis' flute soloing is a great touch.

"Writing on the Wall" continues in achingly melancholic form, being excellently composed for dramatic and emotive effect, especially the four minutes of instrumental work that concludes the song. This leads me to album's conclusion, "Our Days Are Numbered," a powerful instrumental song with amazing tension and performances throughout. Once again, when Anekdoten is at their best, they absolutely nail it. This may be one of their best songs, and it certainly carries an 'end of the world' feel to it's rousing climax.

While not a perfect album, does a tremendous amount of things exceptionally well. This doesn't surprise me, given my ratings of past Anekdoten albums; the band rises above in so many ways, but there's just something illusive that keeps the music from resonating with me. It's this lack of emotional connection that I've decided to keep my rating at a 4-star. You will not be disappointed with , but if you're like me, you probably won't connect or remember much of it specifically afterwards. A great album for fans of loud, heavy, artistic rock.

Songwriting: 4 - Instrumental Performances: 5 - Lyrics/Vocals: 3 - Style/Emotion/Replay: 4

social review comments | Via Spiga Nadia PhwIl56YX
Posted Friday, June 3, 2016 | Yuliana Rhinestone Jeweled Metallic Suede Strappy Dress Sandals LJHQs
| Report (Review #1574343)

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Jewel Badgley Mischka Carver hAJpV
Record Rise Of The US Dollar Angers Iranians
Propet Madison Ankle Lace t0KFo4F
Top Story

The rapid and record fall of the Iranian currency has made many Iranians angry at President Hassan Rouhani, who has repeatedly dismissed the rise of the dollar against the rial as insignificant and transient.

On March 28, the Iranian currency, rial, hit a new low of 52,000 to the US dollar. The rial was around 38,000 to the dollar just a year ago.

While the Iranian people are celebrating Norooz, the new Persian year, they have turned up in thousands on social media to express their fury over what many have now dubbed as Rouhani’s campaign of “deceit and lies”.

A week earlier, in his New Year speech, the Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei had admitted that the economy and people's livelihood were "the main issues of this year".

"I have given this year the name and motto of ‘Support for Iranian Products’,” Khamenei stated.

Now, with the rising dollar, many also mock Khamenei's message.

"I have given this year the name and motto of Purchase US Dollars", a citizen quipped, saying the reason Khamenei dubbed the new year the year of "Support for Iranian Products", is because you cannot buy foreign goods with Iran's worthless money.

من امسال رو سال خرید اعلام میکنمآغا امسال رو سال اعلام کرد چون از این به بعد نمیشه با پول بی ارزش ایران کالای خارجی خرید

At its record high, the US dollar-Iranian rial passed the 52,000 mark. Many shared the following pictures on social media. The tweet reads "One George Washington is worth 5,000 Khomeinis". Iranian use the term toman referring to their currency in unofficial conversations and each toman is 10 rials. Therefore, the dollar is now 5,200 tomans.

یه جرج واشنگتن می ارزه به پنج هزارتا خمینی!

In the past, the rising dollar was usually followed by sky-rocketing prices, from accommodation and petroleum to groceries, that is why periods of such fluctuations directly influence the livelihood of the people and leave considerable psychological impact on the society.

In his presidential campaign, Hassan Rouhani famously announced that he intended to "return dignity to the Iranian passport".

One year into his second term in office, with the Iranian passport is more or less standing where it used to, the national currency is going a downward spiral. Scriptwriter Mehrab Ghasemkhani whose page is followed by 1.4 million users on Instagram blasted Rouhani for this utter failure:

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Hands Off

T raditionally, people undergo a bit of self-examination when faced with a ­potentially fatal rupture in their long-term relationship. Thirty-two-year-old Henry* admits that what he did was a little more extreme. “If you’d told me that I wasn’t going to masturbate for 54 days, I would have told you to fuck off,” he says.

Masturbation had been part of Henry’s daily routine since childhood. Although he remembered a scandalized babysitter who “found me trying to have sex with a chair” at age 5, Henry says he never felt shame about his habit. While he was of the opinion that a man who has a committed sexual relationship with porn was probably not going to have as successful a relationship with a woman, he had no qualms about watching it. Which he did most days.

Then, early last year and shortly before his girlfriend of two years moved to Los Angeles, Henry happened to watch a TED talk by the psychologist Philip Zimbardo called “The Demise of Guys.” It described males who “prefer the asynchronistic Internet world to the spontaneous interactions in social relationships” and therefore fail to succeed in school, work, and with women. When his girlfriend left, Henry went on to watch a TEDX talk by Gary Wilson, an anatomist and physiologist, whose lecture series, “Your Brain on Porn,” claims, among other things, that porn conditions men to want constant variety—an endless set of images and fantasies—and requires them to experience increasingly heightened stimuli to feel aroused. A related link led Henry to a community of people engaged in attempts to quit masturbation on the social news site Reddit. After reading the ­enthusiastic posts claiming improved virility, Henry began frequenting the site.

“The main thing was seeing people who said, ‘I feel awesome,’ ” he says. Henry did not feel awesome. He felt burned out from work and physically exhausted, and his girlfriend had just moved across the country. He had a few sexual concerns, too, though nothing serious, he insists. In his twenties, he sometimes had difficulty ejaculating during one-night stands if he had been drinking. On two separate occasions, he had not been able to get an erection. He wasn’t sure that forswearing masturbation would solve any of this, but stopping for a while seemed like “a not-difficult experiment”—far easier than giving up other things people try to quit, like caffeine or alcohol.

He also felt some responsibility for what had happened to his relationship. “When a guy feels like he’s failed with respect to a woman, that’s one of the things that causes you to examine yourself.” If he had been a better boyfriend or even a better man, he thought, perhaps his girlfriend wouldn’t have left New York.

So a month after his girlfriend moved away, and a few weeks before taking a trip to visit her, Henry went to the gym a lot. He had meditated for years, but he began to do so with more discipline and intention. He researched strategies to relieve insomnia, to avoid procrastination, and to be more conscious of his daily habits. These changes were not only for his girlfriend. “It was about cultivating a masculine energy that I wanted to apply in other parts of my life and with her,” he says.

And to help cultivate that masculine energy, he decided to quit masturbating. He erased a corner of the white board in his home office and started a tally of days, always using Roman numerals. “That way,” he says, “it would mean more.”

F or those who seek fulfillment in the renunciation of benign habits, masturbation isn’t usually high on the list. It’s variously a privilege, a right, an act of political assertion, or one of the purest and most inconsequential pleasures that exist. Doctors assert that it’s healthy. Therapists recommend it. (Henry once talked to his therapist after a bad sexual encounter; she told him to masturbate. “Love yourself,” she said.)

And despite a century passing since Freud declared auto­eroticism a healthy phase of childhood sexual development and Egon Schiele drew pictures of people touching themselves, masturbation has become the latest frontier in the school of self-improvement. Today’s anti-masturbation advocates deviate from anti-onanists past—that superannuated medley of Catholic ascetics, boxers, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, and Norman Mailer. Instead, the members of the current generation tend to be young, self-aware, and secular. They bolster their convictions online by quoting studies indicating that ejaculation leads to decreased testosterone and vitamin levels (a drop in zinc, specifically). They cull evidence implying that excessive porn-viewing can reduce the number of dopamine receptors. Even the occasional woman can be found quitting (although some women partake of a culture of encouragement around masturbation, everything from a direct-sales sex-toy party at a friend’s house to classes with sex educator Betty Dodson, author of ).

by Taboola by Taboola
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Use a penis health creme called Man1 Man Oil if you have any discoloration or numbness down there. It is made just for guys who have masturbated a lot and repairs all sorts of skin damage... it's safe and works great. Check it out for sure. Cheers.

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